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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains

My Practice is Closed - I Have Retired

I have recently retired and closed my practice after 45 years of studying human nature, thought, behavior, religion, philosophy, and psychology. It has been my great privilege and joy to have served the many people who have sought to engage in psychotherapy with me. In case it might be of interest to you, I am for now leaving my website as it is in case you might be interested in seeing it. Best wishes in your endeavors to live your authentic self, impeccably, in happiness and respect and love.

Perhaps you soon will take a step closer to the more authentic, respectful, successful you. Perhaps you will step closer to becoming your best self, the person who you can genuinely be proud of in all aspects of your life.

My goal has been to help those I worked with to uncover their best potentials and live a life that they enjoy living. While we can't change the facts of history, we can work to better understand and resolve the challenges of life. By applying thoughtfully developed therapeutic approaches and techniques, you can discover long-standing thought and behavior patterns and inaccurate perceptions that may be holding you back from experiencing a much more satisfying and happy life.

If you're looking for guidance and support through a challenging situation or you're ready to move in new directions in your life, personally or in your work, there are many highly talented and skilled therapists who can help. Best wishes in your search to find one who you can work with well.

Harold M Rice-Erso, PhD