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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains

Education & Training

I began my education and training as a psychotherapist at the University of Southern California, completing the MSEd in counseling psychology, with specializations in Existential Psychology and Individual, Relationship, and Group Therapy.  My education and training continued with PhD studies, again in counseling psychology, at Northwestern University. In my doctoral studies, I specialized in Adult Development, Group and Organizational Dynamics, and Family Systems Theories.

My training in Family and Relationship Therapy includes classes at the Family Institute at Northwestern University. My group and organizational training has included Tavistock Workshops, group therapy training at Evanston Hospital, and years of group therapy workshops through the Illinois Group Psychotherapy Society.

My approach to therapy combines systems perspectives, psychodynamic psychotherapy, and the insights about life, human beings, and relationships that come from all the Great Wisdom Traditions - psychology, philosophy, religion, and spirituality. I am a Certified Group Psychotherapist (CGP) through the American Group Psychotherapy Association.

In pursuit of an even deeper understanding of how to help people create lives of love and happiness and success, I studied for 5 years with Miguel Ruiz, the author of The Four Agreements. Traveling one weekend a month for each of those 5 years to study with Miguel and a group of other
dedicated teachers and students, his teaching and books have helped me to be yet even more effective in helping people grow and develop and make the changes they so passionately desire.