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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains


With more than 35 years of studying human nature and sitting with people in psychotherapy and executive consultation, I realize that what people want most is to live authentically, lovingly, happily, and successfully. The problem is that we have so many beliefs about life, relationships, and work that don't create the outcomes we want. Because these beliefs and practices are so widely held, we do not recognize that there are tremendously more effective ways to live. The people I work with come to realize and utilize ways of relating, thinking, and working that result in much happier effective lives.

Living with inaccurate perceptions of life, people develop worry, anger, frustration, fear, procrastination, depression, sleep problems, addictions, obsessions, compulsions, avoidance, and anxiety. We waste time and energy on solutions that cannot possibly get the results we want. And then when those solutions fail, we try even harder in the attempt to make them work. Instead, if we want more enjoyable results, we must develop more effective approaches to life.

In facilitating growth toward happier more effective living and working, I integrate the best that the great wisdom traditions - psychology, spirituality, religion, and philosophy - have to offer for awareness, intimacy, success, and self-actualization.